Based in Albany, New York, Gabi Sarhos is an designer and editor with combined expertise in design, marketing, and communications for private clients, and entrepreneurial, design, academic, and publishing organizations.

Gabiís projects engage the ecologies of human settlements and the cultural, economic, legal, social, and environmental forces that shape natural and manmade space. She has worked on projects that include a design competition to revision Fort Mason in San Francisco, a waterfront park in Saudi Arabia, and a series of design interventions in the repurposing of a Long Island City, NY greeting card factory, the Flux Factory Artists Collective. Her academic and speculative work include Eco-xchange, a cultural knowledge and material exchange in Rio de Janeiro; the United States Embassy in Berlin; and HyperMart, a multimodal market-transit hub in Philadelphia.

In her consultancy practice, she offers combined expertise in space planning and design, graphic design, and marketing, and employs creative strategies to create materials that inform and inspire people and organizations.

Gabi received her BA from Dartmouth College and her M.Arch from the University of Pennsylvania School of Design. She has served as the managing editor of an upcoming monograph of the work of Landworks Studio in Boston, and New Aging: Design and Architecure, a book based on aging and architecture research initiated by Matthias Hollwich at the University of Pennsylvania. She was the copy editor for viaOccupation and viaDirt, two publications edited by a collaborative of interdisciplinary students, professors, and professionals, founded by graduate students at the University of Pennsylvania School of Design. Also, she has served on architecture and interior design studio juries at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and the Pratt Institute.

A native of Romania, where she was inspired by principles of self-sufficiency and hard work, Gabi immigrated to the United States in the late 1980s before the fall of the Berlin Wall.

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